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Littlebits Collection

Littlebits launched March 6th on MultiVAC and was fully minted in two weeks. Soon arriving on Polygon.

Each Littlebits is a unique NFT randomly generated from over 500 traits - no two are the same. The collection includes females, males, and 20 very rare costumes.

Littlebit BiggirlLittlebit Smallboy
Littlebit 15

Unique designs

Each attribute has been created from scratch with attention to detail on every design to ensure each Littlebits have their personality and distinct features.

Littlebit 16


As we plan to gamify our project, a secure environment is essential, where everyone can feel comfortable.

Littlebit 17


The motivation of this project is and always will be to create a strong community. We plan to reward our Littlebits family in every way possible: creating value and utility.

Littlebit 18

Littlebits World

The game is already in development and is in the open beta phase. In Littlebits World, players will be able to gather resources, craft items, and explore the world.


Magic Eden

About the
Littlebits World

The game is currently in an open beta testing phase. It features a comprehensive system of smart contracts that continually grow and form the basis for a fully on-chain massively multiplayer online experience.


Bitify the workload!

In the factory, you can put your Littlebits to work and earn Littlebucks, our game coin. Use it to buy flairs, invest in the bank, play in the casino and much more.

It's Showtime Folks!

With Showtime, you can showcase your Littlebit personality to the entire community in a fun and special way using over 50 customized flairs.

Evolve your Skills

Watch as your Littlebits grow and excel in the Littlebits World, constantly evolving and improving their skills for maximum efficiency!

The Game-Changers

To enhance the gameplay experience for our players, we are adding various features and mechanics such as housing, crafting, gathering, and the cute Littlemons.


Our NFT Litepaper explains all the technicalities behind the project and how each Littlebit is randomly built and sorted into different rarities. It also provides a brief overview of current and future systems in the game.

Last updated: January, 2023

ROADMAP 2023 Chrome



Littlebits World expansion to Polygon
Littlebits mint on Polygon
Littlebits airdrop Polygon/MultiVAC
Synchronized blockchain database

Housewarming Patch

Polygon Beta launch
Gathering/Inventory Patch
Crafting/Housing Patch
Real estate sales

Wildlife Patch

Upgraded dashboard (trophies, skills, badges, earnings, inventory)
Littlemons Patch

Game Launch

Mainstream media marketing
Official game launch

FAQ Chrome

What is the Littlebits NFT?
Littlebits are randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as an "NFT." There are 10000 unique Littlebits on each Blockchain as we expand. No two Littlebits are the same. The Littlebits were generated using a previously announced block hash as random seed to ensure randomness. Littlebits will be minted, stored, and traded on their respecfully minted blockchain.
Where can I find the Littlebits Project?
Our collection is currently available on the MultiVAC and Polygon blockchains. Check our socials for more information!
When will be the mint on Polygon?
The mint will start 15th of March on the Magic Eden Launchpad. After selling out, the mint will continue here, on our website!
Where can I buy?
On MultiVAC, the Littlebits can be found at the Epic Gallery. On Polygon the mint is still going here, or you can find us on the Magic Eden Marketplace for secondary sales!
What is the Littlebits World?
The Littlebits World is the game where every Littlebit can interact and evolve with very system we created. It is currently in open beta and everyone that owns a Littlebit can try it out.
When is the game launch?
We expect the launch to be during Q4 of 2023.




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Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer



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